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    Default Country prefix for marketplace boards indicating location of seller/swapper?

    Is there any way you could have a country prefix (or even like a flag icon or something), for all threads in the marketplace boards, so people can select where they are located, or where they are willing to post to?

    Sometimes it's difficult to just do a search on your own country. A lot of people don't even mention any countries in the post, and there are many ways you can say particular countries, e.g. I live in the UK, but "UK" is too short to search for, so I may search for "England", but then people may have written UK instead of England, and then some people may be based in England, but willing to ship to the rest of Europe.

    Being able to tell where the seller/swapper is based, or perhaps where they are willing to ship to, just from looking at the topic title would make looking for potential swaps/buys even better than going to 20 different topics, only to find 3 who are actually suitable to you.

    I noticed that this board actually has a thread prefix, which I didn't know about, but clearly it could be used in much the same way.
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    Default Re: Country prefix for marketplace boards indicating location of seller/swapper?

    Someone made the suggestion of putting the country as a prefix to their thread titles, as you've seen. US/UK/EU/AU etc. Having a country drop-down would be useful but i'm not sure that the forum software has the capability of having separate categories per forum. Ie, the "Bug/Suggestion" prefixes used here at Community Centre would or would not also appear in the sale forums.

    Mark me as a "yea" vote should it be technologically possible.
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