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    Default whats Spring style!

    hi all!
    Have you any fashion outlook for the coming season? What dress styles do you think are In fashion coming Spring?

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    Default Re: whats Spring style!

    I haven't the faintest idea of what's in fashion, but for myself I will be aiming for 40's- and early 50's-styled blouses, not too frilly, shirtwaist dresses, fitted sweaters and tailored skirts to just below the knee, a-line or pencil. Perhaps a nice vintage suit, if I can find one that is either not black, or just too good to pass up. Bright red, camel, cream, tan, gold, petrol, warm greens, oyster and multicoloured patterns - plaids and maybe florals, if I can find any good ones.

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    Default Re: whats Spring style!

    hmmm thats good to know but i wish i could get some one who is more Fashion conscious lol

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    Default Re: whats Spring style!

    Well, in a sense I am fashion conscious; I just know way too much about the mechanics of fashion to take it very seriously, and on a personal level I am far more concerned with style than trends.
    Ok, then - short primer:

    1. Always, always start with you, what you like, what suits you, what your needs are. Figure that out first of all.

    2. Then, look around you. Look at the latest collections from designers you like - and, hell, designers you don't like, too. Look at people in the street, browse fashion blogs, read fashion magazines, read newspapers, follow current debates, art movements and so on. Watch the society around you, look for the zeitgeist. This should give you a good idea of what the current trends are.

    3. Finally, consider whether you really need fashion, whether the fashion of the moment serves your needs and whether it's really fashion that you want, as opposed to serviceable contemporary clothes, which is something else. In that case, you really only need to know your own taste, style and needs, what's available in stores will tell you the rest.

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