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    Hey guys,
    I am 23 I have always been a T shirt shorts/jeans guy. I just want to know what is a cool casual dress style. This may be hard for you guys, but we will see what comes of it. I do not wear Abercrom and fitch stuff. I want stuff that looks cool/dressy at the same time. Thanks!

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    bond is always stylin.

    I posted this in the other thread but I love this pic of JFK

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    Google "Steve McQueen Style"

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    Quote Originally Posted by adonis View Post
    Google "Steve McQueen Style"
    I like your style. My fav picture is him rocking the desert boots in khakis and a leather jacket.

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    My humble suggestion would also include to try some of the upscale, semi-casual yet sporty elegant fashion brands like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren

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    Good question, I was a t-shirt and jeans guy for a long time too. A polo or casual button down are a great way to change things up.

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    A smart casual style begins with great shoes.

    Second, you stick to classic looks: simple but well made shirts, and a sports jacket.

    But the shoes set the whole tone of the look. They are the most vital part of the program.

    Look at as a great place to at least look at great shoes. No square toes, unless you are a field goal kicker.

    I agree with Master-Classter, those websites are very helpful, but they can be confusing as there is so much information that you can get lost in the mix. Remember: great shoes, and great simple basics to start. Then you build from there.

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