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    Default New cologne (beginner)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for a decent priced cologne, but since I haven't had/tried out a lot of colognes so I got lost in the vast amount of choices, that's why I registered here, maybe you could help me out

    Because the fall/winter will show up soon, a new cologne that's appropriate for these colder months would be very helpful
    (my small collection consists out of those popular summer aquatics.)
    So far I've always tried to stay away from musk ones (they're my least favourite scent) if it's possible avoid it xD
    I'm also not sure about vanilla? Always thought it would take over and ruin all the other scents?

    I'd like to try out some fragrances that evoke a "night out" feeling or could make you feel warmer. (woody? spicy?)

    I'm not that old either (19) so I'd like to be careful with the heavy/mature stuff. But i'm open for every suggestion and will try them out on monday! (will keep you up to date)

    Price range: 30-65 euro (tho this could go a bit higher if I find a really good one)

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Hi there and I like your first post! I'm 36 and if I imagine I'm 19 there would be a lot of choices, but I need more input. May I ask for what purpose? Looking for women in a discotheque? Want to be a lad in your sparetime? Wanna come across serious in the job? college? or school? Where do you want to go?

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Quote Originally Posted by Exer View Post
    Thanks a bunch!

    Givenchy Insense (not ultramarine) is NOT floral, but aldehydic (soapy, nondescript flowrish aromas, waxy), very versatile, develops from green/clean to dry/woody - I've got 200ml up the shelf, just to be sure. By no means "old man". Purchase as reissued in the Givenchy Mythical series, costly or vintage via i-net auction. Once I sold 15ml of a 50ml bottle vintage for 7Euros to clear my collection, nice amount of juice to start with.

    Mugler Cologne comes with a wink of the eye, but lasts long, very clean, THE clean laundry musk - after a while - gives place to a tamed green fruity accord of unexpected substance and durability. In such reverting the commom development of perfume. Absolutely no animalic undertones. Not to expensive. Small bottles available.

    The "night out" feeling will sustain, if the fragrance is soley used for that purpose. I would prefer Encens Et Bubblegum from Etat Libre D'Orange. But tastes might differ. Best You can do is to avoid becoming to earnest about fragrance. That would take the most fun of it. Alas, if Your dancing partner isn't in a good mood, the scent won't do the trick.

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    More input hmm

    Not that I'm going to try to score some women with the new cologne (if it even helps xD)
    But I'd like to have some more "mature"/serious fragrences, walking around town smelling those aquatics (including mine) gets quite boring
    That's why I started to look for something more special that you could wear on colder/rainy days or in the evening when you go out hanging around in the city.

    Not sure if this helps you but it's quite hard to describe!

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I would susggest you try Burberry London for Men.

    Happy sampling!
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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    double post: - not "ultramarine"
    Challenging but it pays back.
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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Being 19 and wearing Silver Mountain Water by Creed will surely put every male in awe and every woman on their knees, hahaha. Of course you have to wear fine clothes, fine shoes and don't talk much. The fragrance will do the talking. Get a fresh bottle, make yourself a decant and enjoy. Honestly that's what I would do. Of course there's other stuff out there, not saying better or worse, but if you should be a slacker with long hair, maybe The Dreamer by Versace would be the better choice. Bear in mind: with these choices you will have to show some responibility. Fragrance can do quite a lot if not everything, so don't act like a fool basically.

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I would susggest you try Burberry London for Men.

    Happy sampling!
    I was getting ready to post with the exact same suggestion. If you want spice/wood this would be prefect. You will get no vanilla or musk from this and it is perfect for the fall/winter. It will be versatile enough it won't have its out of place moments. The only problem I could see you having with it is if you are wanting something to wear to a club, in my opinion it doesn't fit that environment. I don't club either so I can't offer a good suggestion. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    1+ Silver mountain water
    Dior Homme Intense
    Terre D'Hermes
    For make you feeling warmer:
    Drakkar Noir
    Cartier Pasha
    Rochas Man(If you don't have problem with vanilla very much)
    Bijan Black
    Lalique PH
    Aramis Devin

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Burberry London.
    Chanel Egoiste

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    Start with a bottle of Zirh Corduroy.

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    Default Re: New cologne (beginner)

    #1.) New Haarlem (Bond No. 9)


    Fierce (Abercrombie & Fitch)
    Code (Armani)
    Burberry London

    The above are somewhat age skewed suggestions. Millesime Imperial (Creed) is definitely a panty wetter but might only be appreciated by more sophisticated ladies (Silver Mountain Water...same). Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford) is a little risky but could have awesome results. Tom Ford Oud Wood is wonderfully woody and fitting for winter, however it could be risky as well. Risk, meaning it could be very rewarding but, I would guess, has a greater chance of not being appreciated by the younger set of ladies.

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