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    Default need help!! fumeheads

    hey guyz i need help choosing between these 2 fragrances
    He Wood RMW and Cartier Roadster. I tried these two yesterday at sephora
    and i cant seem to decide which one i should get. so fellow fumeheads let me know
    wat u think..
    im 20 years old btw

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    Default Re: need help!! fumeheads

    I'd probably go with Cartier Roadster. I don't think many have tried RMW. However, the bottle I bought smelled quite similar to
    Tommy Bahama or Gucci Pour Homme. Don't know how RMW smelled to your nose. I think Roadster is quite unique.

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    Default Re: need help!! fumeheads

    i agree RMW and Roadster are quite unique thats y its so appealing to me.

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