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    Default How Do You Explain a 180?

    This time last year I smelled A*Men and I remember being repulsed and angry that a company could create such garbage. Now, it's one of my favorite scents and I feel it's an absolute work of art. Same with Habit Rouge and Musc Ravageur. Last week I smelled Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and found it disgusting! But I kept thinking about it. I went back again ... Less repulsed. Kept thinking about .... Bought it ... I can feel the 180 happening now. This scent which I thought smelled like sour pickles is now going from trash to treasure. I know I will soon be loving this stuff. How can one explain this phenomenon? I do know that when I smelled these fragrances, what I smelled is not what I expected, could that play a role?

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    Default Re: How Do You Explain a 180?

    i feel the same way. about bijan, lapidus pour homme, lots of them. maybe tastes change? thatd be pyschological. maybe the linings in our noses are affected by seasons/airborne pollens or whatever. thatd be physical. i know that when my wife tries a blouse on in the store she likes i/dislikes it more than in our home. thatd be crazyness. kidding. arent we funny though? its too cold/ i cant wait for winter, the whole humanism of us. were funny. man, ive been spraying bijan on my comforter, i can really smell the leather notes. used to think it smelled like an ashtray!
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    Default Re: How Do You Explain a 180?

    I have also experienced this often enough, sometimes the time gap between testing were quite significant, then I explained the phenomenon with changing / improving taste (versaces black jeans,habit rouge, mazzolari etc).
    Sometimes things just grow on me.
    And finally sometimes I dont realise I like something but find myself craving it more and more often until I finally have to call it a fav (Incense rose lately).
    I dont know why this is but i like it.
    the other way around has yet to happen to me, only joop jump has significantly fallen in its grace.

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    Default Re: How Do You Explain a 180?

    They are not easy fragances or first sniff sellers. I don't trust those frags who "seems" wonderful at first sniff. When i don't like a fragance, but can recognise quality, i go back to is some time later to see if my opinion can change or not.

    At first, i hated A*Men pure malt, but it haunted me. The same with many others.

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    Default Re: How Do You Explain a 180?

    Same thing happened to me with Vintage Tabarome, Antico Caruso, Kouros and Habit Rouge. Hard to pin it to any one thing.

    Our "nose" may have different moods. Some of it may be patience. I don't know about you MikeNY, but doing test sprays in stores can often be misleading to me. I know I've judged some very quickly based on 2 minutes of sniffing on a card. Factor in too, I may have smelled 4-5 other scents at same time. I've gone on sniffing runs with some very talented noses. They can "clean the slate" and dissect many different scents. Not me. I fear after about 3-4, they start to run together in my head.

    Yes, your expectations in a short test could play a part too. We all read a ton of stuff about different scents here. Then we try it in a store and all the raving about it doesn't match up with our first impression of those opening notes. Habit Rouge a perfect example of that for me. It took really wearing it a couple of times to "get it." That opening was brutal and harsh to me.

    Smartest way to test for me is to get a sample and wear it with a clean slate. Then I get a sense of dry down and longevity.

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