Mona di orio les ombres d'or musc: first, this is a weird synthetic smelling mess with baby powdery floral notes and to boot a burning sensation upon contact with my skin...literally had to scrub off becasue it was turning my skin red and making it burn.

Atelier Bois Blonds: Citrusy classic cologne smell that is very nice and subtle....its classy no doubt but could pull off eau savauge for a litttle less dough and get the same effect

CDG WHite: Christmas in a bottle...smells a little like costes red to my nose at the top, its mellowing out to a woodsy, spicy smell that i really dig, minus the costes powder

CDG #3: has to my nose an oud smell on dry down oddly enough, not unpleasant but not worthy of my money!

Montale Musk to Musk: wheres the musk? i dont know if they gave me a different sample and switched some oud in there, but this has no discernible musk smell, only that typical oudy montale smell...i like it a lot, but im not sure that this is Musk to smells like a weak version of black oud from Montale.

Miller Harris L'air de rien: wow what a sleeper....i smell shoe polish and vanilla tobacco and something i cant quite put my finger on but is very familiar...and maybe thats the point...anyway, i like it very smells a little like CB I hate Perfume In The Library.

I wish that i could better describe these, but this was just a quick impression of those frags that i sampled and wanted to share! please leave feedback on your thoughts on these frags or on my thoughts please!

Glad Monday is over!!!!