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    I did a search and didn't find anything.

    I have always wanted to buy a watch from them, so when I went to browse their website, I saw they had a fragrance.

    The Future Distilled

    Nooka eau de parfum communicates a universal language that transcends opposites. A synergy of scents, both familiar and foreign, instinctive and original, mental and physical, that come together as one. Japanese Yuzu sprinkled with pink pepper. Polished steel wrapped in vintage leather. This fusion of natural essences and synthetic accords creates the next generation of precious liquids, expressing each wearer's multi-faceted individuality. Developed and designed by Matthew Waldman and Pierre-Constantin Guéros.

    "Nooka is one of the most delightful, perfectly complex, wearable woods I've ever smelled". - Chandler Burr

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    its ok...its powdery, slightly musky skin scent that has hints of pepper...not too bad....its very linear, which is not a bad thing necessarily...
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    I own it...very linear...smells like faint woods and bubblegum. I always try to get my girlfriend to wear it.
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    NY Times' Chandler Burr's review: **** (4 stars)

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    If a mirror had a smell...this is what a mirror would smell like.

    Drastically linear. NO depth...BUT, its got LOADS of character. Smells like I think shiny metal would smell. It's a futuristic scent. There is some pencil shavings in it but it's not a warm woody scent. It's cold or at least neutral. Hard to wear, but defiantly one of my top 10.

    It smells like NOTHING else I have ever smelled. It's a one of a kind ... FOR SURE.

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    It smells like synthetic leather, dentist office metal (synthetic scent with a hint of mint) and a nameless wood with no character. It is not bad smelling per se, it just isn't great. Try it without fear, because even if you don't like it the longevity is pretty shallow.

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