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    Default Re: New Shalimar EDP Flacon

    Any reviews of the fragrance itself?
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    Default Re: New Shalimar EDP Flacon

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. G View Post
    I couldn't resist. Was at the airport today and just couldn't resist for the taxfree price and bought the 90 ml model. It is EXTREMELY beautiful, and Shalimar really deserves an atomizer beauty like this.
    Have you smelled it Ulrik?
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    Default Re: New Shalimar EDP Flacon

    Here is a rather poor photo of the 20ml Limited edition Baccarat presentation with gilded silver ring and sapphire stone:

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    Default Re: New Shalimar EDP Flacon

    Quote Originally Posted by w3pearl View Post
    I know the bottle is supose to be more like "the wings of Isis" used in this very sensual dance. Makes sense, for how Shalimar is...

    This comes the closest. Every detail.

    A vintage Shalimar ad:

    I personally think this isn't that bad, not as good as the first, but it's the best modern version... it's better than the one made by J.J. ... JJ version comes closer to a motorcycle than to Isis's wings. A flacon you could find in a black leather backpack of a girl on a motorcycle... Not in the delicate vintage velvet purse of a lady that lived in the time Shalimar was made, when women were more feminine and times were... more romantic...

    The bat bottle was just... a big error.
    I just purchase this Batwing version from So this is the older version pre September 2010. I didn't realize the new bottle came out in the stores, so when i did see it i thought perhaps they were actualy selling the EDT to me. The EDT bottles in the stores are still the batwing version bottles.

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