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    Unhappy stinky Guerlain!

    Help! I triumphantly bought Insolence at Nordstrom; it smelled gorgeous "on paper" and the first time I sprayed it (in the car right after the purchase.) 2-3 times I've tried to wear it again and now it GAGS me it is so awful. One night I wore it to bed and kept waking up wondering what the sour-vomit-dead-animal odor was!!

    Similar thing happened between my nose and Usher For Her and Creed's JIE. Tried spritzing on clothes instead of skin, to no avail.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Thank you for sharing the story! I wonder what was the version you did try out (edt, edp perhaps).

    It's really sad when something just doesn't work on our skin...gladly, there are thousands of options, even with guerlain.

    I can't seem to remember if Insolence has the guerlinade accord, which is a great turnoff for many people -and a positive one for others-. That accord has the base of animal notes that sometimes gets a very nasty turn on some skin types. Anyone?
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    I do believe that Insolence, despite the "girly" fruity opening, has the Guerlainade. People accustomed to the fruity/citrusy/aquatics marketed to the younger crowd might not be accustomed to this.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    It just happens that way sometimes - one day you love it the next day you don't. Fragrances can morph a bit depending on weather or maybe even the lotion you might be wearing, or your own perceptions of a fragrance might change from one day to the next. But this is exactly why I not only never blind-buy (or very rarely) but I make sure I love a fragrance before I buy it. I've usually gone through several samples and/or a large decant before I invest in anything over $20-$30. I had to learn the hard way though, and have way too many 1- and 2-star fragrances in my wardrobe to show for it. It makes me feel silly and foolish to even look at some of them!

    By the way, I love Insolence in every formulation, but it's certainly not for everyone. I would recommend setting it aside for a while to revisit later. You might even find yourself craving it at some point and then you'll be glad you have it!
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    I enjoy Insolence in the EDT. The sweet opening fades to something more sophisticated with the Guerlainade accord.

    I agree that fragrances and perception will change from day to day, esp. with women's hormones, the weather, the humidity and other scents.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    I also love Insolence ! Anyway, it may grow on you ,Jeanie. I would put it away and try again another time.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Happened to me, too! I bought Insolence EdP when it came out, because I loved the bottle and thought I'd trust Luca Turin (who wrote a very promising review on Insolence) -I really liked the stuff in the shop - but at home, I could not wear it ... -
    In the final analysis, it is extremely loud, lacks the kind of subtely I normally adore in other Guerlain fragrances - and as for the famous "Guerlinade" - I could not detect it in the drydown. This said, I still think it is perfect on other women - very original, recognizable - but I would not want to smell it on my skin all day long.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Thanks, Guys! Funny thing is, I have tried it again this am and it does smell better...

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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Until a week ago I disliked Insolence for its vulgarity and its permanent presence among professional women of my aquaintance. Going to an of-site meeting? Douse yourself in Insolence and they'll smell you from the car park. Two-piece suit not quite cut well enough to pass as a power substitute? Insolence will blast you to the front of any group. Want to leave a lasting impression? Insolence will still be there when you're 75 miles up the motorway home. Multiply that by 3 out of 5 women round a table, and that's a hell of an atmosphere. Not my kind of scent.

    That was then, this is now.

    Just out of curiosity and ennui I sprayed one of my many Insolence samples on my own skin last week - and I loved it. I'll never wear it outside my own front door (vigourous showering required) and I'll try never to get it on my clothes, but there is something about it that I lllllllurve at the moment. I don't have to raise my wrist to sniff it, don't have to wonder where it went when I wasn't looking, and it won't get overpowered by a curry on the stove. Just for once that's what I want.

    I may loathe it again next week, but for now I bless Maurice Roucel for yet another humdinger.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    maybe due to exposure to light weather and the age
    maybe it went bad

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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    I think it could be the weather , what you have been eatting(spices,garlic,onions,challots,curry?),or female hormones-they will play havoc with some of mine too.If you still don't like it after a year or so -then sell/swap it.Hey with clothing we say two seasons time! Give the poor scent at least the same time consideration!

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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Just because it's Guerlain, doesn't necessarily mean you have to love it. I personally love their classics but don't care for their foray into the 'modern' world. But that's me.

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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    I love Insolence! It's not one to be sprayed in confined spaces though, I can imagine that a car would concentrate it powerfully. I hope you can find your peace with it, I find it a lot of fun.

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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post
    Just because it's Guerlain, doesn't necessarily mean you have to love it. I personally love their classics but don't care for their foray into the 'modern' world. But that's me.
    Well said, kumquat. I adore Guerlain but I am not slavish to the house. It is true some later releases are not to my liking.

    I HATED Mouchoir de Monsieur when I first tried it. The civet was too much. I then sampled again and again and now this is one of my adored Guerlains.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    Well, I'm so sorry you don't like Insolence. I used to adore this fragrance until I gave it to my sister. I usually try a fragrance 2-3 times before buying it.
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    Default Re: stinky Guerlain!

    That happened to me when I bought my wife Burberry Brit. It smelled great on the fabric strip, but on her skin, way too sweet. Disappoints are zero fun.

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