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    Default Year Allergen labels begun showing up?

    Does anyone know what year allergen labels were introduced onto the packaging of fragrances? I have several reasons for wanting to know this, and if anyone can help, much gratitude. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Year Allergen labels begun showing up?

    I'm guessing 2002?

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    Default Re: Year Allergen labels begun showing up?

    I have yet to see any here.

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    Default Re: Year Allergen labels begun showing up?

    I can't tell you the date on the American ones (the very helpful lists of "Water, perfume, blue #4" etc.) but it looks like the EU lists (the 26 allergens, oakmoss etc.) started in 2005
    That seems much later than I'd thought but the document is pretty clear on it.
    Correction: Came into force in March 2005 but was passed in March 2003.
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