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    Smile Rapidly Evolving Tastes

    I want to hear other peoples' experiences of preference evolution. Right now I am completely confused as to what scents I really like.

    My mom always gave us new fragrances for christmas and, barring the consecutive years of Happy, she was pretty awesome in her choices. Jaipur Pour Homme EPD was the scent that eventually led me to basenotes. I had no idea what an oriental was, but I definitely knew that I liked Jaipur.

    Fast foward. I now know what an oriental is and have a much better ability to categorize what I am smelling. I have always had a good scent memory and piece by piece I am putting names to faces.

    Now to the point. Jaipur is still driving me crazy, but this time in a bad way. The smell in my head (spicy oriental, vanilla base, natural) is not matching the smell in real life. I am 100% sure its not the bottle, so don't even bother going there. The problem is that all I can smell now is Le Male's hyper-synthetic vanilla. I hate Le Male and its making me hate Jaipur. Furthermore, I am starting to smell complexity in scents that I used to think were boring or noxious. Its crazy, but simply knowing what I am smelling is altering the act of smelling.

    How did your tastes evolve? Has your increasing knowledge simply reinforced your preferences or altered it?


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    I'm pretty much new at this. But I have noticed that an excursion at the perfume counter at Macy's has changed for me. Nothing really wowed me there in the past. But I often managed to find something pleasant. Now that I have been sniffing the good stuff, most commercial frags smell chemical/artificial/watered down/nail polish remover/generic to me! LOL. Not everything, mind you...just most of it.

    Also, I never had a nose for Chanel. But now it is the one portion of the perfume counter I gravitate toward. Those frags are no longer "old lady" smells to me. My nose has grown up, so to speak. And though I may never feel comfortable wearing No. 5, I appreciate its beauty. Though I will be acquiring a bottle of Coco soon.

    My whole experience with fragrance thus far as been much like my experience with wine. As my experience/knowledge of wine grows, I appreciate its complexities more. I get more adventurous. I want to try more. My palate expands. I still enjoy a good Merlot. But give me a big, complex, jammy, earthy, Cabernet blend and WOW! Where once, I only knew if I liked a certain wine or I know why I like or don't like it. Same with fragrance.

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