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    Default Some new purchases

    Today a package arrived from the USA with a small group of vintage Guerlain goodies that I have been waiting for. Heres what was inside:

    Vintage Guerlain "Liu" Art Deco black glass perfume bottle (empty) and presentation box, made in France. 1929.

    Perfume bottle for Guerlain "Ambre", circa 1935, in cobalt and clear glass with paper label on base and side.

    Guerlain "L'Heure Bleue" talcum powder in frosted glass 'Lyre" flacon.
    (Rare as it has the aluminium cap and shaker as opposed to the 1950s bakelite screw-top cap).

    And here they are pictured with a few of my other Guerlain empty treasures...

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    Default Re: Some new purchases

    They are treasures Dimi , lovely stuff Im ever so slightly jealous

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    Default Re: Some new purchases

    Thank you Pour_Monsieur.
    I could not believe my luck when I found this trio of vintage bottles for sale for $35 each! I can now admire them in my home office here where I have placed them on my bookshelves.
    The LIU box is a design marvel in itself... especially for its time. The collector in me handles it with the utmost of care, whilst the packaging designer in me wants to dissect it down to its foundations! *sigh*

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    Default Re: Some new purchases

    Dimitri- you already know what i think of these- *SWOON* and DOUBLE *SWOON*
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    I WANT that cobalt blue bottle!!
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