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    Default Applying the Fragrance..

    So in the old days I used deodorants, and didn't really care about my smell (as long as i was clean and showered!!!) and with deodorants I think it's easy where to know where to apply and why....

    But what about perfumes and colognes? How do you apply them? or do you just "fire at will"??

    I normally put some on the side of my neck and on the back of my neck... But I don't know if that's correct or not.

    I'm talking about every day fragrances mostly.. But I'd like to know how you all apply them, and if there is a correct way other than the famous "Fire at will".

    THank you!


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    Default Re: Applying the Fragrance..

    I'm fairly new to fragrances but from what I have heard typically you apply the colognes to pulse points of your body such as your neck and wrists where your body warmth will activate the scents.

    When I do it, I'm a big fan of the "less is more" approach by using only one spray aimed under the neck and just leaving it at that. In my opinion, anything over two sprays is overkill.

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