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    Default Green around the gills

    Hi all,

    I am more or less a complete newbie to the world of fragrance, although I have always enjoyed a good scent and have invested in some premium juices in my time. Recently however, my passion has blossomed and now I want to know all there is to know, and train my nose to distinguish individual notes and identify accords. I'm also looking at picking up some essential oils and having a go at some of my own blends.

    Does anyone have any good beginners tips, perhaps on how to train my sense of smell? Thanks for reading.

    PS. My current favourite scents are Dior Homme/Intense and Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme ...maybe that'll tell you something about me!
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    I think the sample packs that The Perfumed Court offers is a good way to train your nose, either in a particular note (I got the Iris Sample pack and the Fig) or by Fragrance Category; I tried to wrap my brain/nose around Chypre, and getting different small samples definitely helped.

    For oils; I've heard good things about Enfleurage:

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    +1 on furry's advice. Samples ar ethe way to go. Don't know if you are eBay savvy or not, but you could build your collection by scoring some ridiculous deals. You can often purchase partly used bottles for a song.
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