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    Default Dry skin or natural reaction?

    So last night I put a small amount of MI by Creed on my fist/backside of hand and it smelled great but as I was about to take a shower I decided that I wanted to see how MI fared against a little water and I smelled my hand and I was amazed. I smelled so much more texture then before. I think it might've been the top notes and they smelled strong. Maybe even better then when I applied. But then they were gone, at least to my nose, after a few seconds. What do you guys make of this?

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    Default Re: Dry skin or naturual reaction?

    I think maybe it's because of three things together: (1) the moist air helped your nose be more sensitive (it does mine), (2) the water kicked up some fresh scent from your skin, for physico-chemical reasons (possibly several of them), and (3) the overall composition of the volatiles had changed from the initial composition, to something different and unfamiliar, but you had never smelled it strongly without the water there to help it along.

    Just speculation, but that's my guess.
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