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    Anyone know which perfumery made these two?

    Both bottles are about 1.5" tall excluding bottle neck and cap (2.5" including neck and cap). Both read "De Yonne" and in smaller letters "New York Paris" on the lables on the front of each bottle. One bottle's neck label reads "Narcisse," and the other "Black Tulip." The bottoms of both bottles have the letters LB molded into the glass where the B is more or less sitting in the L's lap. (I've determined that the bottles were probably made by the Long Beach Glass Company, Long Beach, CA (1920-1933) according to this site In addition, the Black Tulip bottle has the number 5 molded into the bottom next to the LB and the other the number 3. Both bottles have cork closures with plastic (?) caps. The underside of the caps read MADE IN THE U.S.A. PAT 11 25 19.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated greatly!

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    I think you've answered your own question. "De Yonne" is likely to be the perfumery name. Yonne is basically "Burgundy" - the region of France, and whilst Narcisse is an obvious French name, Black Tulip is clearly not. This would tell me that either the scents were made for export to the USA, or it is an American company that has chosen French names to romanticise their products (further supported by your research into the glass makers name).

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    Thanks SOS. I could find no record of a perfumery called Yonne or De Yonne, but certainly you make a good point. I think my question should really have been, does anyone know about this Yonne/De Yonne outfit? Thanks again!


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