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    Default F. Millot oh my!

    Because I felt like burning some money I shelled out the $$ to try F. Millot's classics (Crepe du Chine, Chypre)

    Oh good heavens. How did it happen that these beauties discontinued? Any fans out there? Crepe du Chine is a stunning, oily chypre (that reminds me of vintage Mitsouko, a little bit)

    The Chypre parfum i think I like more, but it's too beautiful and makes me want to weep.

    Where can I get these master pieces?
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    Default Re: F. Millot oh my!

    Ebay my darling, ebay. That is where I go to find all the treasures of the past and preserve them for the future. I am amazed at the total demise of some of the greatest scents ever and at the same time am completely horrified by all the "latest and greatest".

    We will not let these beauties fade away into obscurity, we will keep them alive always and worn with love.
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser sa source

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    Default Re: F. Millot oh my!

    I've been perusing ebay, but what I really want is the chypre parfum and it's not to be found.

    When i smell things like this it makes me think, "You've got to be kidding me," as in, how did this ever go the by the wayside? is my taste in perfumery really that much more sophisticated than the average Britney Circus buyer?

    Yes, Millot has some heavy lifting chypre notes, and maybe that's what happened, the ingredients to make it went extinct (thanks IFRA)

    I"m saving my samples, i'm only wearing the tiniest dab on my finger every now and then so I can preserve as long as possible
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    Default Re: F. Millot oh my!

    crepe de chine is amazing...lucky to have a little mini (Maybe about 5-10 ml parfum)...i recently got partner by f. millot which is i guess the only masculine fragrance by f. millot..have not gotten it yet

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