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    Question Vintage Shalimar

    Hi everyone,

    I recently scored 2 half-ounce bottles of vintage Shalimar extrait on eBay for a reasonable price, but I've noticed that they're slightly different. This has led me to believe that these bottles are of different ages. However, since I'm not a Guerlain expert, I was wondering if you kind BNers might be able to tell me roughly when these were made.

    The bottle on the right is shorter, and the juice inside is a little bit darker. Also, it appears that some juice may have evaporated off? There seems to be less juice in the right bottle compared to the left, even though both are sealed and unopened.

    FINALLY, the most important question of all...which should I open first?


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    Default Re: Vintage Shalimar

    I believe the box/flacon with the Marly horse inside the lid is of an older vintage.
    Im sure an expert like Mr. G can tell you which year the Marly horse ceased to be used inside the perfume boxes.
    The bottle with the sticker on the base is a newer edition (likely 1980s).

    For my money, Id open the newer bottle first, and preserve the older one for as long as I could stand it

    Lovely purchase by the way.

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