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    Smile Time Spent on Basenotes?

    Hey folks -

    For some, it's a quick minute or two - just to check a review. For others, a way to learn more about fragrances, and for others, it's a full blown hobby. And then of course, there are the diehards, who seem to have a presence on so many threads, imparting their knowledge to others.

    How much time do you spend on Basenotes each week?

    (Not 100% sure this is the best place for this thread, so moderators, feel free to adjust if indicated)

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    More than 7 h i guess

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    For me it is 4-6 hours.....I'm sure there are weeks when I spend more.....Gary

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    In a week? 7+ hours for sure!
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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    Spend way-more than seven hours per week on Basenotes. Good information, good communication, and a great bunch of fragrance devotees.

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    probably about an hour (collectively) a day.

    Then again it's a relatively small forum and the threads move slowly, so I can only refresh and get new content so often...
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    Most of the time I am very proud of the Basenotes community. Time after time I have witnessed the thoughtfulness, empathy & genuine friendship that members of this community extend to others - oldtimers & newcomers alike. There are other times, however, when egos get the upper hand and civility goes out the window. My philosophy is that I won't say anything here that I would not say if you were standing in front of me. Welcome to Basenotes, each and every one of us. ~ TwoRoads

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    Basenotes Plus

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    Over a weekly period ?. Invariably 7 hours +.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    Where is the choice for, 'Too Much'?

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    Default Re: Time Spent on Basenotes?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    Where is the choice for, 'Too Much'?
    Closing in fast on 20,000 posts I see!

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