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    Default Cologne for dry skin?

    Ok I've realised as I've got more into colognes that they don't last very long on my skin, I was wondering what fragrances people would recommend for dry skin. I'm looking for 1 fresh every day scent and one woody/spicy one fit for going out in the evening.

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    Default Re: Cologne for dry skin?

    Terre de Hermes is long lasting, and smells pretty good.

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    Default Re: Cologne for dry skin?

    Welcome, gsp!

    I strongly recommend using an unscented moisturizer for your dry skin. Then you can wear whatever fragrances you want.

    As for suggested scents, here are a few long-lasting choices:

    FRESH: Givenchy Blue Label, Creed Green Irish Tweed, Bulgari Aqua
    WOODY/SPICY: Aramis JHL (a bit "old-school"), Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme (the EDP formulation is especially nice, but the more-common EDT is also worthwhile), Gucci Envy for men, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    The Creed and Lutens are pricier than my other suggestions. I don't know where you're located or how much you're comfortable spending, so I've tried to include options that are more affordable and easier to find.
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    Default Re: Cologne for dry skin?

    Thanks for the replys guys! I live in the UK, and am on a students budget so I think Creed is a little expensive, what kind of moisturisers are scentless? Do any big brands have any? (L'Oreal, etc)

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    Boots own brand has a fragrance-free moisturizer (Essentials). So does SuperDrug (Simply Pure).

    Most of the bigger brands offer fragrance-free options. Look for "unscented," "fragrance-free," or "sensitive skin" labelling. If possible, test before buying; some of these products have more scent than others. (In some cases, there's no added perfumes but the rest of the ingredients may have a strong scent of their own.)

    My skin gets dry in the winter, and I sometimes use an Aveeno fragrance-free moisturizer (Daily Moisturizing Lotion).
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