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    Default Paris Hilton Tease

    Any impressions of this? The ads feature a Marilyn Monroe inspiration: blonde bobbed hair and ruby lips, a Hollywood starlet.
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    Default Re: Paris Hilton Tease

    Actually the ad would probably make me less inclined to buy the fragrance. The notes of the perfume seem interesting, fuji apple, white peach, bergamot, white flowers, amber, blond wood and hot sand. Not sure what hot sand is suppose to smell like, lol. I've only liked one of her other perfumes, so I'm not expecting that it will be something I want to buy, but I guess we'll see.
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    I smelled this yesterday; just on a cotton ball, not on my skin. The opening notes are floral-floral-floral. It puts me to mind of the light, very floral scents of the early to mid '80's. I hate to admit it, but I was really tempted to buy it. I'd like to get a tester just to see if it would be a pleasant walk down memory lane.

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