I never heard of this company until I came across an ad on Facebook. Apparently it's a swedish company started 1967, which is weird - since I'm a swede and never heard of them. You can order directly from their site, and when I registered I got some kind of "personal" advisor with a very long indian name (something like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon) - what's the deal with that? Is it some kind of cult? I regret I registered, they have my phone number, address and e-mail now. They'll probably spam me 24/7 or maybe Nahasapeemapetilon will peek through my window one day :O.

Anyhow... Now when they have all my info, is it worth ordering a fragrance (it has to be a blind buy since they don't have samples)? I can see they've got pretty good reviews on Basenotes (maybe the reviews are from cult members?). As the prices are very low I guess I can't expect too much quality, something in line with Yves Rocher perhaps?