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    Question Oriflame worth trying?

    I never heard of this company until I came across an ad on Facebook. Apparently it's a swedish company started 1967, which is weird - since I'm a swede and never heard of them. You can order directly from their site, and when I registered I got some kind of "personal" advisor with a very long indian name (something like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon) - what's the deal with that? Is it some kind of cult? I regret I registered, they have my phone number, address and e-mail now. They'll probably spam me 24/7 or maybe Nahasapeemapetilon will peek through my window one day :O.

    Anyhow... Now when they have all my info, is it worth ordering a fragrance (it has to be a blind buy since they don't have samples)? I can see they've got pretty good reviews on Basenotes (maybe the reviews are from cult members?). As the prices are very low I guess I can't expect too much quality, something in line with Yves Rocher perhaps?

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    I have been dealing with Oriflame Company since 1998!!!They are developed in Greece since 1993!They are developed in more than 150 countries worldwide!
    Yes, it's a Swedish Company with a large variety of male and female fragrances!!!
    They are coming in low cost ,due to the non advertising method;you won't find these fragrances into market(shops) because of the direct selling method this company uses ,that's selling through dealers!
    My wardrobe has a lot of their fragrances because i like them
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    They are here in Thailand too, and as sophi said, they use direct selling method. However, their new releases I saw on magazine looked really nice, but I can't recall the fragrance names.
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    I have an Oriflame fragrance that I received as a gift a decade ago. It's not bad. I suspect they're maybe a notch below Avon in quality.

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    Just one time(about 2 years ago) i tried a fragrance from Oriflame. It was very synthetic, repetitive, similar detergent, and it`s price was about 30$!! I could have something like that just with 5$. Prices were not logical IMO. They just should produce cosmetics and creams. Hugo Boss is much better by far!

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    From Oriflame, I always used to particularly enjoy the male fragrances Rebel, De Marco and Midsummer Man (not bad, in terms of quality, actually some fragrance notes are pretty stunning, yet with very limited, impaired lasting power)

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    You might want to visit their Concept Store at Grev Turegatan 2 (Birger Jarlsgatan/Riddargatan) in Stockholm... I have never been there myself but it is a very central location.
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