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    Default Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    Hey Folks,

    Imo swiss army is one of the greatest fragrances ever made and a huge compliment magnet. I will admit though when first applied its quite harsh but the drydown is smooth and elegant. I think the scent has an amazing sillage trail because many times i'll be wearing it, I'll be walking somebody and they will say wow what is that incredible smell? Does anybody agree?


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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    Yeah, I'll take good ol' Swiss Army over many of the more discussed frags on this forum.

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    Swiss Army is great, one of my favorites.

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    Does anyone else notice a strong civet note in this fragrance?
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    I recently got a big sample of this. i must say, it surprised me. The opening reminds me very much of Polo Sport but lighter on the top notes and mixed with some herbs. Polo Sport after the 5-10 minute point kills the fragrance for me, as it becomes rancid/moldy smelling. I find this to be very light and somewhat airy, and sort of unique. I understand where you're coming from when you speak of its sillage path. I think because it's more airy and rises off of the skin a little more than others.

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    This one is a stinker for me. Sorry Checker I had a friend who wore this, and even he eventually could not handle it ! This one seems to always be going for cheap up here. But, to each their own and if you like it, you like it. Plus, you got many compliments on it.

    I know it does have quite the sillage trail, as I mentioned above, a good friend of mine used to wear this one as a signature scent.
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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    I quite like Swiss Army Altitude, I used to wear it back in the day and remember it to be quite the compliment magnet especially if your hanging around a bit of a younger crowd.

    I havn't smelled original Swiss Army in years!

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    I used to own this one in HS and really like it. I'm going to swing by Perfumania next time I'm in the mall just to get a spray.

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    I like Victorinox Swiss Army Unlimited which has a strong Genepi liquor, Absinth note.

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    Default Re: Swiss Army's sillage trail...

    the normal Swiss army was a stinker for me
    I ended up giving the bottle away
    I would personally go for Solo Loewe, much better frag
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