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    Default Closing Thoughts

    Here I'll post some unfinished sentences and you'll have to finish them, just post your thoughts!

    If I were the head of Givaudan...

    Without AdG...

    In 5 years time i'll have...

    Without Aquatics...

    A reformulation...

    Without Orientals...

    Sillage and projection...

    If I'd have MY way...


    feel free to post more options if you have some.

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    Without AdG I would smell my neighbours bad breath even worse.

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    If I were the head of Givaudan...I'd probably know what Givaudan is!

    Without AdG...the fragrance world would have less generic aquatics

    In 5 years time i'll have...purchased a handful of fragrances, hopefully not too many. Pure Malt will be my last hopefully

    Without Aquatics...i'd have more to enjoy at department stores

    A irrelevant to me and my fragrance needs, unless of course we're talking about A*Men!

    Without Orientals...i wouldn't have many fragrances

    Sillage and projection...are pretty important

    If I'd have MY way...Thierry Mugler would be forced to make 2 men's fragrance per year, good ones at that!

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    Without AdG... no problem, we have CK One instead of that.
    Without Aquatics probably people will wear what i wear.
    Without Orientals, fragrance world doesn't have any attraction. No Opium, No Habit Rouge, ...

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    If I were the head of Givaudan...I'd have my lab geeks working night and day to find a synthetic oakmoss that stands up to the real thing. And then I'd put it in all the classic perfumes that had the real oakmoss taken out of them, and I'd market this new FauxMoss aggressively, and it'd become the hot new perfume ingredient and would be in every new release under the sun, and we'd have a glorious Rebirth of the Chypre and the world would be all sunshine, puppies and flowers.

    Without AdG...Giorgio Armani would be half as rich, and men everywhere would smell twice as interesting.

    In 5 years time i'll have...enough samples from Luckyscent and the Perfumed Court to sink the Queen Mary.

    Without Aquatics...the '90s would have been taken over by sheer greens and citrus instead, so perhaps we shouldn't rhapsodize about What Could Have Been, m'kay?

    A not always a crime.

    Without Orientals...I'd have a different hobby.

    Sillage and projection...are like spices in cooking. Too much or not enough can ruin everything, so ramp them up or down as the dish requires. During the workday, tone down the sillage (chicken noodle soup and a salad). At night on the town, go for broke (Thai chicken curry).

    If I'd have MY way...Thierry Mugler's Cologne would outsell Angel and A*Men combined. Enough, already.

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    Wow, subhuman, those are great finishers! I loved it!

    In 5 years time I'll have a more streamlined collection.

    Without Aquatics I'd hold my breath a lot less in public.

    A reformulation that I kind of like is Odalisque.

    Without Orientals the perfume world would feel very out of balance.

    Sillage and projection...vitally important to me.

    If I'd have MY way, oakmoss-based fragrances created before 1995 would be immune to IFRA shit, grandfather stuff.

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    Without aquatics... we'd all complain that too many people wear orientals and our 'drobes are no longer unique enough.

    Sillage and projection... are all too often mistaken for quality. (or, inversely, the lack of the former two are all too often mistaken for a lack of the latter.)

    A reformulation.. can only be appreciated if it is sniffed and judged on its own merits.

    Without AdG... Terre D'Hermes might have become Basenotes whipping boy!
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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    Default Re: Closing Thoughts

    Without AdG- almost half of the world's population will have to seek out another signature scent

    In 5 years time i'll have- If I'm still around, hopefully surpassed the "over 100 fragrances in my posession"-boundary

    Without Aquatics- an essential part of the 90s fragrance industry will not be the same

    A reformulation- may be the reason why several fragrance houses like Guerlain, Creed and many more might have lost some of their veneer

    Without Orientals- it would be hard to imagine an important era of fragrance history

    Sillage and projection- are the qualities which I would seek in any fragrance

    If I'd have MY way- every Basenoter would instantly own the fragrance wardrobe she/he always dreamed about

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