I used to be a regular here, gradually lost interest in fragrance and now only pops in here once in a while to check the reviews...

Today I tested 2 new scents, mostly out of curiosity from the opinions here - L'Occitane Vernon and Chanel's Bleu.

Vernon is a plain AdG rip-off, it's so obvious. The scent and packaging doesn't suit L'Occitane's traditional image - it looks cheap. An hour after spraying it on my wrist, I went to the bathroom and wash it off with soap - it is so embarrassing, I smells like Acqua di Gio! Why do they even bother to clone AdG, it's done to death, but I have to give it to them for replicating the closest clone. The body products are probably more suited for this type of scent.

Chanel's Bleu smells like Allure mixed with Issey's Bleue. I never like Issey's Bleue, it reminds me of Vick's vapour rub. I can smell the medicinal Vicks scent in this new Chanel's scent very distinctly - especially in the drydown. It's less pungent than Issey's Bleue, it swirls around with Allure's notes to confuse your nose, thereby giving a false depth. For Allure's fan, this is a novelty - Allure has 6 facets, seems like Chanel was trying to squeeze another facet into their decade old fragrance. Well, at least it still has that Allure base, Blanche edition has none of it.

Thumbs down for both of them.