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    i have been trying to find the perfect fusion between fragrances and have come to a point, that I wonder what a certain fragrance would blend well before buying it. I recently tried Gucci pour homme I with Pi and D & G classic. Nice , but not perfect. I think I will take the advice of one fellow 'noter' and buy Gucci Pour homme II and try that. Now, I find myself thinking about Dior's Farenheit which I haven't owned in over a decade. Although I find it generally pleasing, I would like to make it smell somewhat more modern smelling or to give it a scent more inline with the redness of the bottle, if that makes sense.

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    My favorite layering combos:

    Fresh: Green Irish Tweed and Terre de Hermes
    Boozy/Smokey: Straight To Heaven and Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Tobacco Heaven: Havana Reserva and Feuilles de Tabac.
    Sweet Musk: Musc Ravageur and Nuits de Noho

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    I think you cannot improve a fragrance by layering it with another one because fragrances are extremely complicated structures. Especially layering designer frags or complex niche ones can be disasterous.

    But layering is extremely FUN! And I have found my layering heaven in the Jo Malone line. Most of them are simple, pleasing scents that are designed especially for layering. And because of their simplicity they can also be layered with more complex scents. Black Vetyver Cafe for instance if fantastic for toning down bright sweet orientals, if your mood on that particular day calls for it. I ve also tried 154 layered with Wild Fig and Cassis and the result reminded me of something my uncle used to wear back in the 70's but I was too young to notice and remember, it has however left a mark in my olfactory subconscious. I think it might have been Jacomo Eau Cendree.

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    I blend Paul Smith Story and Lutens' Sa Majeste La Rose with a 80:20 ratio, and the result is fantastic to my nose. SMLR enriches and deepens the mild vetiver scent of Story with its rich rose accord and I get a much better smell and enhanced longevity.

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    I tried to blend Montale's roses-musk with Profumum Fumidus to create an image of roses on fire (try to say it like Pacino would, with emphasis on FIRE ). It worked well but for a very short time as the 'smoke' disappeared. Actually, one of my next DIY projects will be blending rose with Helichrysium to see if I can get this effect and for a longer time.

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