Hi there,

I've sniffed Creed today at last. The SA was very eager to pull me in. Each scent was accompanied by a story of what it shoulld resemble.

Erolfa: seabreeze - o/k, not for me. No salt nothing but some nasty aromachemicals. I didn't get the picture. I honestly tried, really! It was just a "No", I came back to it later and it stayed just that. May be I've lost the personal reference of my own Atlantic experiences, but that's quite improbable. May be the imagination is wrong on that, and it isn't meant that way at all. But, I just didn't get it.

Silver Mountain Water: a waterfall in the Rockies according to the SA - not for me. It was a pale aldehydic sparkled and tamed at once by helional or something. Very unpleasent due to its overt chemical construction that was additionally felt as simple. I'm not the perfect nose, so take care! I must have missed something, it was just very plain without a knack. No pine or something. Just dry flowerish aldehydes plus don't know.

Tabarome (don't exactly know which, but should have cost 150++$, millisime?): Tabacco - o/k, I've got some fermented leaves, that is a picture that fits. Underneath there is something dry. A not too overt layer of aroma, maybe cold ash? The best so far. But the top was drenched in alcohol, synthetic. That might occure with natural smells as well, if isolated (violet leaves). In this case I was sure, that this Tabarome is an utter contemporary concoction, means 1980+, not vintage or ancient.

But then We went over to Lubin, Idole: rum plus orange plus something that filled it up. To polished for my taste.

The SA went crazy on me. The Xclusive line of Nassamoto for an other price tag. I liked it. And it went on, the Creeds were all forgotten. Then at last I saw the Caron line there. Let's sniff a reference! Yatagan: great on the first sniff and it remained so while the Nassamoto devoloped camphorous aspects in comparison, unbalanced was my verdict then. Caron 3rd man: wowey, how beeeuutyfull BIG SMILE!

I came back to Erolfa, that was worse than in the beginning, sniffed some Xclusive Nassamoto including Black Afghane that smelled of patchouli plus woody amber. He never inhaled for sure ...

Conclusion: in spite of visiting a shop of tremendous possibilities the classics outperformed the Xclusive line of Nassamoto and the so often promoted Creed by lengths. It was not only that the Carons were more familiar, but they brought the message just to the point, they were complex, balanced, hence "natural" of a kind.

O/k, at least I went home with Comme Des Garcons #53. Good shop, really. Didn't get the Creeds. To simple at last, but isn't every fragrances prize tag pervert?