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    Default Was A*Men ever reformulated?

    I ask because I've noticed that the two bottles I have are pretty different. Bottle 1 is a 50ml rubber flask which is close to empty and bought in about 2002 and bottle 2 is a 100ml refill bottle from around 2004 or so. The juice from the rubber flask is much stronger on the initial spray and has a stronger minty note to it on the topnotes, in addition to a bolder chocolatey vibe on the drydown. Bottle 2 seems pretty heavy on the lavender note when first sprayed.

    I actually did a test with a spray from one bottle on one side of a shirt collar and a spray from the second on the other side. After a day, the rubber flask was the clear winner in terms of staying power.

    So, was bottle 2 from a bad batch or has there been a reformulation over the years?

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    Default Re: Was A*Men ever reformulated?

    I have a lot of bottles of A*men and all were purchased around 2007 (I think). I find the juice to be quite strong and satisfying. However I won't be surprised if the older juice (circa 2002) was more potent. Reformulations are a reality and happen discreetly all the time.

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