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    Default Pink and blue lotus as main ingredient, what do you think?

    Yesterday I received 4ml of each (blends) and I have to admit I'm overwhelmed. The blue Lotus especially 'speaks' to me, deeper than any other note. They smell almost fruity to me, the pink Lotus is brighter and would fit nicely with Sandalwood and a little Frankincense to create a feminine perfume.

    The blue Lotus is kind of dramatic in it's depth, reminding me of dew I used to taste from flowers as a child. I think it deserves to be the main attraction in a unisex or even masculine formula but with the small quantity I have and what I perceive as fragile character, I wouldn't want to spoil or mask it with 'competitive' notes like rose.

    I think some 'immediate suspects' to partner Lotus would be Vanilla and Neroli.

    This is my first try and I'd love to read how others feel about this note.

    Total planned volume: 20 ml, 70% alcohol
    Total oil drops: 33

    Ambergis: 6
    Jasmine : 1
    Sandal: 4
    Frankincense: 2
    Musk: 4

    Blue Lotus: 12
    Patchouli: 3
    Rosemary: 1

    I need to let this formula sit a few days to see how it comes out. So far, it's buttery smooth, the Sandal and Frankincense merge with the Lotus nicely and the Jasmine/Rosemary/Patchuli combination add to the spiciness without taking over.

    After doing some reading, I realized that the Blue Lotus I have is not really Lotus but Nymphaea.
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