Haven't posted for a while. . I am always waiting until I know the fragrance completely before submitting a review. That idea doesn't work too well. Here are a few of my buys that work well for the summer but I don't know them completely.

UOMO by Luciano Soprani--very fresh and green, I bought this at an estate sale. I think its 2003 version. Spicy citrus without the lemony smell with a little Creed M.I. note in there somewhere. Very underrated IMHO.

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera--Opens spicy and green, goes thru slight tobacco, base is a good wood/amber. Smells better than it sounds. The review by Foetidus is spot on. Works well for me in summer if applied with good judgement.

Bay Rhum by Meehan/Booney Doon Farm-- At last, a bay rum cologne that has some longevity. Very good. Very stong sillage.

Sol De Vetiver by The Different Company--Excellent, excellent creamy, clean vetiver. Not the loudest guy in the room, just simple classy excellence.

Paul Smith Sunshine Edition--My best blind buy of the year. A terrific summer fragrance. Opens with rich grapefruit and spice notes. The grapefruit lasts. Drydown of mossy/wood still has traces of grapefruit. There is just a touch of Chanel here, maybe the coriander- I don't know. I wish some more members with better noses would review this. Could not find this in CONUS. Had to buy in England. You need to get this for the summer.

Loewe Pour Homme-- My latest project. I love Spainish colognes for the summer. Some time ago I picked up an old used bottle of this. And recently I picked up a newer vintage bottle. The older version is rich, resinous(thank you sinvest) mediteranean with a dark herb tone and no sparkle. The newer vintage version has plenty of sparkle but is not as dark or rich. The newer version is not loewe's newest reformulation and my two vintages have plenty of notes in common. I am going to experiment with mixing a little of the two.
I know, I know --sacrilege--mixing two fine fragrances. They are both excellent summer fragrances.

All in all its been a good summer for new discoveries. slimbob