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    Default Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    From Amazon:

    "The roots of vetiver, a grass cultivated in India, are infused with natural oils that are released in contact with moisture. Stepping out of the shower or bath onto our Vetiver Bath Mat not only scents your bathroom with a relaxing natural aroma, it lightly exfoliates your feet, too."

    More info and pics here:

    Is does sound nice! But before I buy a $50 mat I want to hear if anyone has tried it. How fragrant is it really?

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    Nope, but if you want a cheaper way for your bathroom to smell like vetiver you could try the River Soap Company's Vetiver soap. I bought a bar at a store called Whole Foods (I believe it is unaffiliated with the national chain, though it is a similar type of store). After using it for a few times, the smell projects a small ways from the shower. I imagine that two or three of them would effectively scent a bathroom. Plus, you get to shower with vetiver soap! It is a smoky, fresh, sweet vetiver.

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    Thanks for the tip Scooter. I have a vetiver soap from Villainess Soap that is pretty good, but I was intrigued by this fragrant mat, I didn't know that vetiver was used to make these kind of products.

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    I have a vetiver 'loofah'/scrub, and it does release a lovely fragrance. That's dropped into a hot bath though, and I do refresh it with a little vetiver oil now and again. It's a lot more rough and ready than the mat, but was also only a few pounds.
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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    Generally, "in-the-raw" materials are weaker than their product counterparts that incorporate concentrated amounts.

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    I never had the vetiver bath mat, but I've owned a vetiver fan. It was shaped like a Japanese round or oval flat fan, not a folding type. I was instructed to spray or sprinkle it with water first to activate the fragrance. I recently dug this item out of a drawer after many years of non-use and was thrilled to find that it stilled retained and released its scent readily.

    I've also heard of room divider screens that had vetiver-root panels - another item for my dream house!

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    When I first read the title of this thread, I thought "Vetiver Bath Mat" was the name of a new fragrance.
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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    I bought a hand-woven vetiver purse from a Vietnamese eBay seller. I'm disappointed with it so far. It's too small for me and the handles are flimsy. There's almost no scent at all. I guess I'll dig it out and try spraying it with water.

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    Default Re: Vetiver Bath Mat - anyone tried it?

    A vetyver bath mat? Are you kidding me?

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