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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    ^^^ Good point about the green flacons. Hadn't thought about that. But, the partial flacon I bought last year was in a clear glass flacon (generically labeled by the way as simply "Private Collection.")

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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    Flacon I bought a couple of years ago is clear glass. The juice is mighty fine stuff. Can't imagine that there's some magically better version of it out there. It's perfect the way it is.

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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    I think I'll just stick with the 125ml bottle of regular Tabarome that I have.

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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    I have been on the hunt for an elusive flacon of VT for a few months. VT is one of the most rich, distinctive, complex and manly fragrances I've smelled to date. In about a week, I'll post about the serendipity of my search (it's been a wonderful fragrance adventure). At least 3 Creed specialists that I've talked with recently said that VT is the most requested discontinued Creed fragrance and they all hoped Olivier and Erwin would make another last gasp batch--even though it might be a lot of work for them to source the ingredients. I'm also waiting for a response from Olivier. I wrote him in French/ English asking for help with locating a flacon for personal use. I'll gladly share what I learn when/if I receive a response from Olivier or Creed Boutique Paris. BTW, I am rather doubtful now that there are any hidden flacons within the USA authorized distribution network (I've dilgently searched), except with, perhaps, the proprietors of Creed USA. I'll have more to say in about a week or so.

    BTW, it is reported in the USA Creed blog that VT has been retired for good because of the difficulty involved of sourcing the appropriate ingredients.


    Quote Originally Posted by Oaksbluff View Post
    reviving this thread to know if there's been any more information on this?

    forgive me if there's another thread about it... but didn't see as such.
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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    VT was only produced in Flacons. The atomizer bottles were testers. The green flacon was before the so called reformulation. I have both green and clear flacons and the green flacon juice is, for lack of better description, 'heavier' and 'richer' - not sure why.

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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome will be seen again.

    Considering X for Men by Clive Christian sells for $570.00
    VT if you can find it is worth it

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