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    I've found that they offer Montale at an unreal price and would like to know the legitimacy and authenticity of the fragrances offered on the site before I buy. The
    Montale's are being offered at $115 for a 100ml bottle which is the best price I've found by far and all that I can think about is the possibility of knockoff's.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Here's the link -

    (Are Amouages really that expensive? 50ml for $300?)

    The website looks like a hackjob, but actually it looks more in line with what the company sounds like, an entrepreneur who runs a store and has an online boutique too. I'd probably be more worried about a slick and generic looking discounter.

    PS -!!!
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    Here's the link to the Montale's:

    It's a pdf file and is also on the bottom of the first page of the site.


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    It is a legit site. I have used them a couple of times. Usually takes a couple of days to get your order out. So far I have not had a problem.

    Scents I have that are not in the database.

    Amouage Molook Attar
    Full Incense - Montale
    Oudh Lacquer by Soivohle
    Shalimar Ode de la Vanille by Guerlain
    Mukhalat Makaki Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian
    Man Amber by Halston
    Absolue pour le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    Puro Intense by Nejma

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    oh its legit alright - Zahras are based in Saudi where Montales is sold at greatly discounted prices compared to elsewhere - infact if you look at the history of Montale, Pierre Montale relocated to Saudi Arabia in 2001 to create his perfumes for royalty.
    I use Zahras frequently - they are good and highly recommended.
    I notice they are also sellng Surrati Black Aoud -in concentrated perfume oil !- supposed to be the same smell as Montales Black Aoud. Havent tried it yet though !

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    Thanks to all...I'll be putting in an order shortly...


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