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    Default Archipelago Botanicals

    This small but growing LA outfit makes the best, most natural smelling diffuser fragrances. Their pineapple/ginger is a tropical vacation in a bottle and their bergamot/tobacco conjures up the oak walls and leather chairs of a traditional London gentlemen's club.

    Has anyone sampled Archipelago Botanical's Boticario de Havana line, supposedly the sexiest of the bunch?
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    I have looked at their Lanai Soy Candle, I think that is the scent you are talking about. A blend of ginger, pineapple and mandarin. Also their Charleston Glass Jar Candle. A blend of hyacinth, white jasmine and tuberose. I couldn't decide between the two so I haven't ordered yet. The diffusers look interesting too.

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    Archipelago Botanicals produces a splendid line of candles (I can't speak for their other products as I am candle focused). Their scents are clear, complex and long lasting, their wicks are clean and their wax burn slowly and evenly. (I even like their colors-- I'm pretty much a total fan.)

    My favorite is "Jaipur" with a little note of curry in it.
    I have also tried "Charleston" which is a white flower extravaganza
    "Lanai" is a bit too tropic-fruity for my taste
    "Stonehenge" doesn't have much throw
    "Havana" (not the Botanico Series) seems to have batch to batch problems.
    "Paramour" is also rich and wonderful.

    Discover the line and see which one speaks to you!

    (They should pay me for this plug! -- no luck I guess.)

    But really, it's a grand line and for the most part the only variance in reaction to the different fragrances I've had is one of personal taste.

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    I have been having soot & smoke issues with this line lately. In the past, these candles have burned cleanly. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintage*red View Post
    I have been having soot & smoke issues with this line lately. In the past, these candles have burned cleanly. Is anyone else having this problem?
    I'd did have the same problem, their diffusers are perfect, can't say the same about their candles.

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    I haven't had any smoking problems with this line, but this is a great chance to buy a few more and check it out for "Research". Also I imagine my supplier is probably carrying stock from 08 - 09 (as they still have a few discontinued fragrances available) so the problems might be with the more recent batches-- which would be a shame.

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