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    Default Article: New in Niche : Sniffa Spring Fling recap

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    Excellent reviews, thank you so much!
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    I think that your bias against Tom Ford is apparent in your review of Azure Lime. You obviously didn't like Azure Lime but loved Montauk? You have to be kidding me. Also, there isn't a drop of Coconut, nutmeg, or cardmom in it.

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    I'm hoping to learn more about Barbara Orbison's Pretty Woman. Barbara is, of course, Roy's widow. I wonder if she'll make other fragrances with the titles of his songs. Blue Angel? Blue Bayou? Running Scared? Only the Lonely?

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    It's always a pleasure to read your impressions, Mark! Thank you! :) I see a few in there that interest me. Ah...Barbara Orbison is Roy's widow - the name of the fragrance makes sense now. I was listening to him today singing on a Traveling Wilburys song on the radio. Made me miss him.

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    Thanks for the superb reviews, Mark! More to put on the list. (Sighs)

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    Yep, and I certainly concur with the whole " there isn't a drop of coconut, nutmeg or cardamom" in TF's "Azure Lime", comment above ! ... In fact, just FYI , in case someone's interested !? The notes, other than the obvious Lime, are rather : Bergamot , Orange , Juniper and Mint ... Followed by Menthol , Violet Leaf , Basil , Buchu* , Jasmine , Orange Blossom , Neroli , Iris ... Rounded out by Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Oak Moss , Patchouli , Oak Wood , and the good dose of lingering Musk. ...
    It seems this Eau Fraiche is rather more complex than it's deceptively simple laid-back "aura" suggests.
    (* "Buchu" , for those who might be wondering, is an aromatic shrub found in the Western-Cape (SA), with a somewhat minty/blackcurrant like scent.) ... Add boiling water and you get a delicious herbal tea too ! (~ "Buchu" that is, not "Azure Lime" ! :grin:)
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