Hello my fellow Basenoters,

I hope all is well you guys and gals!
I find myself often collecting fragrances without boxes or caps ie testers and such, but I've always heard to store your fragrances in their boxes or they will go bad. Since I dont have their boxes, I end up storing each in individual ziplock bags inside a giant box in my closet where it's dark, cool, and dry. I have about 19 or so that do not have boxes so and out of those 19 or so, 4 or so do not have caps. My question is, if I store my fragrances inside the giant cardboard box without the ziplock bags, will that have a negative affect on the fragrances? Will they go bad? It's getting rather annoying everytime I reach for a fragrance that I have to take them out of the bag, then, put them back in and the bags just make them look like clutter! What would you guys/gals suggest? Thanks in advance!