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    Default Orla Kiely's new scent.

    Orla Kiely is usually associated with kitsch, leafy prints
    on predominately orange or green fabrics that use texture
    and colour with a sixties twist. She has a flagship store in Covent
    Garden and has just launched her first fragrance.

    I tried it in Debenhams yesterday and found it to be very
    "strange." I kept sniffing my wrist thinking "what are those notes?" and
    I had literally no idea! I got damp wool to begin with and then some soft flowers.
    There was something orangey in there (I smell in colours!!) and also moss green.
    It smelled like a home where people keep horses and dogs to be honest - not
    unpleasant, just odd. I checked out the actual notes and discovered that it was the
    green tea and peach that smelt of wool. The middle florals include rose and osmanthus
    and the base is tonka bean and woods.
    Overall it has a countryside feel and I can see it being popular with the "horsy" set.
    Not for me, however.

    I looked up the notes when I got home and they include green tea, bergamot and
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    Default Re: Orla Kiely's new scent.

    Yes I had a sniff of it last weekend in Debenhams too. Found it totally uninteresting to me and walked on.
    But I don't do green tea so that could have been it.
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