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    Default Diluted Fragrances Vs. Knock Off Fragrances

    Hello fellow basenoters,

    I hope all is well! I had question regarding fake fragrances. Some are diluted or watered down while some are just fake. My question is, what is the different between a watered down to a knock off. Does it mean the same thing? Does watered down or diluted literally mean "watered" down? For the most part, fakes/knockoffs tend to sometimes have floaties, poor bootle and/or box contruction, the scent is off, the serial numbers do not match on both the box or bottles or there may even be none present, or the words may be mispelled and may easily scratch off. If those are a good ways of telling if they're fakes, then how does one distinguish those that are watered down/diluted? Is it possible to take an authentic fragrance, open it up, take out some of the juice, and literally add some other ingredients to the mix then resell it? I fear this because I'm constantly purchasing fragrances on ebay so it is a major concern for me. I'd like to know fellow basenoterss' thoughts on this matter. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Diluted Fragrances Vs. Knock Off Fragrances

    Well, as I've seen... the fakes are completely different. They barely ever even attempt to give it anything that smells at all like it. This includes dangerous chemicals sometimes, so Fakes are the worst.

    Knockoffs are just fragrances that are supposed to smell like the original. Typically they don't smell much like the original to me, but they're not nearly as bad as fakes because they actually DO contain aromatics and essential oils and such... just in different quantities or different than the originals.

    Watered down is kind of like EdC, EdT, EdP, or Pure Perfume. EdC's watered down from EdT, EdT from EdP, EdP from Pure Perfume, and Pure Perfume isn't.

    Hope I helped.

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    Default Re: Diluted Fragrances Vs. Knock Off Fragrances

    I haven't smelled many fakes but the couple I have smelled were actually very strong and not bad imitations. The $1 store knockoffs, on the other hand, tend to be weak. Some are a bit similar to the real thing but some are way off. The Lapidus $1 store frag I bought is more like a diluted One Man Show, and not similar to the original. Diluting a frag can actually be a great idea if it is too strong. You just need some vials and of course perfumer's alcohol or vodka.

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    Default Re: Diluted Fragrances Vs. Knock Off Fragrances

    Avoid Fakes.

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