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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?

    Quote Originally Posted by tott View Post
    Kouros is to me one of the archetypical masculine scents. That doesn't mean that women can't wear it!

    The opening of Kouros can be a bit overwhelming, and I guess this is where many dismiss it; but as it cooks on your skin it just gets better and better, hour after hour...
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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?


    It's the fragrance equivalent of sex in the bathroom.
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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?

    Kouros is a great masculine scent. Because of its tenacity, common sense dictates that the wearer apply it with a deft hand.

    It really is a fragrance that gets better the longer it's on your skin. I wear it even in the summer months, here and there, but do so with light sprays. The Fraicheur rendition is awesome for this time of year.

    I have never personally smelled it on a woman, but cannot see why it wouldn't work on a female since I wear some scents that are marketed to woman and pull them off no problem.

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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?

    Smells like a pile of elephant feces made out with a gorillas armpit.

    lol J/K.. it's not all that bad, but the top notes are not my cup of tea.

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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?

    I used to wear it and love it. Then I stop wearing it. Then I realized that I dont like how it smells in other people but I do when its on me (LOL).
    Back in 1990 my at the time girlfriend used to go wild when I wore it... too wild all the time. Kouros is a titan no doubt of it, what a great fragrance , pure genus BUT... one must go very easy on the trigger and use it at the right time and in the right place.
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    Default Re: Kouros: Yes or No and why?

    I would say no. It doesn't smell nice as a perfume. When I compare it to some of my favourites its very average, distinctive yes but very average.
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