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    Default Penhaligons Eau de Cologne and Orange Blossom

    I was finally able to try Penhaligon's Eau de Cologne and Orange Blossom. Here are my thoughts:

    Eau de Cologne: probably one of the better modern eau de cologne types that has been released in the past ten years. The best one was undoubtedly Lorenzo Villoresi's Acqua di Colonia in 1996. Anyway, Eau de Cologne opens with a citric burst with herbs like rosemary and thyme with perhaps some lavender and a very light musk. Synthetic, but still inoffensive and bad. Perhaps it is similar to Trumper's Eau de Cologne but with less musk.

    Orange Blossom: too feminine for me and your basic orange blossom, white floral type with a lot of powder. Similar to Dominguez' Azahar and SMN Zagara.

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    Default Re: Penhaligons Eau de Cologne and Orange Blossom

    As a whole I like Penhaligon's athology series.
    They did an excellent job using synthetic ingredients with good taste and a few interesting twists.

    1st........Castile >>>>>>>>>Orange Blossom, not much else to say...but I guess it's hard for Penhaligon's to top Castile and it's ecellent blend of Rose/Orange/Orange Blossom

    As for the rest of them though, I found them quite interesting,
    but really would only buy the EDC.

    Limes - Some good lime notes very similar to the thicker notes in Truefitt & Hill's Limes, and also a little bit of the dry/grain/hay/wheat type notes in the base of the Truefitt. Unfortuneately, less "zingy "zesty" Lime notes than either Trumper or Truefitt. IMO this lack of zesty/sour lime oil exposes far too much green freeze pop in the Lime accord, and the base while interesting and not entirely bad, has some strange Nyquil-type notes, and too much ointment - piney/medicinal type ointment type notes.....Truefitt & Hill and Trumper are both better for Limes.

    Vervaine - not much vervain here, but a very interesting scent nonetheless.....this seems like it'd be perfect for a female who like Opus 1870 or Terre D'Hermes.. It's got a very strong and intriguing woody/herbal/spicy basenote, almost like sage, thyme, and a dry labdanum resin mixed together. Not overtly feminine, it's a unisex, but for some reason I think it'd be delicious on a strong woman.

    Eau De Cologne - Very fresh, contemporary for an edc, and masculine. Also unique for an edc, it's not as it's notes indicate a typical citrus/rosemary/neroli scent. It's got a ton of lime in it. the neroli is fairly reserved, or rather just buried under many appealing and interesting notes. There seems to be a green character, as well as a red character to this one. very limey for an edc, also with what seems to be an "ivy" type note...and some red spicy/berry sort of note.....almost conjures the image of I think "misteltoe" lol..... and with an interesting "red" note, tart like a cranberry or other sour red berry. Good longevity compared to many other edc scents. On my to-buy list.

    I haven't tried the 2 newest additions to this anthology, but am eager for them, and eager for Pen's Sartoriale.

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    Default Re: Penhaligons Eau de Cologne and Orange Blossom

    I wore the Eau de Cologne twice and found it to be ephemeral: no longevity compared to others of this style (e.g., Villoresi, AdP, etc.).

    So I am suprised to see people getting some longevity out of this.
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