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    Default Rare everyday scents

    Hi guys,

    I need your suggestions for "niche" everyday scents. To narrow it down a bit, i have some limitations; it has to work at lectures there you are around a lot of people, probably 60% doesnt even like to smell a fragrance so it really has to be "pleasant" in some way. Quality > quantity, longivity > projection & pleasant > experimental.
    I am aware that alot of these are buzzwords, but i hope i will get recommendations anyway.

    I prefer something that is "kind of unique" means, i want something that does not get used as much, it does not mean that i would not buy a designer, but not something like Di Gio or any of the Chanel Allure line. I don't like "young" scents like fx. D&G The One, or something 80'powerhouse like Paco Rabanne XS. Or any of the Bulgari offerings. Neither do i enjoy any of the Calvin Klein offerings, Terre D'hermes is too dusty old road, A*Men is too loud, The Dreamer too weird, the Hugo Boss line too "blah" Creed Himalaya/Erolfa/SMW not bottle worthy. Gucci PH 2 is actually pretty good, but i find it to feminine to be wearable for me. Rose fragrance in generel are also not me, i could see myself wearing rose 31 later in life - but not as this point. Just to list a few of them i have tested, attempting to give an idea of what i do not like.

    If the fragrance is right, then price is not an object.

    Im not sure why, but i have read some positive reviews regarding two houses that might be interesting(i have to be honest i have not smelled either, so they might not fit the bill at all), it's Frederik Malle and Amourage. Are their any offerings from either that would a suit daily, versatile close combat, non offensive "unique" pleasant scent, neither too heavy or too feminine - but a perfect balance

    Right now, after a lot of testing, i really only have Millisime Imperial, Guerlain L'instant(which also suits a night out) and perhaps Creed Aventus(still testing, if its really botthe worthy). Cartier Roadster are also in the mix, still testing it.

    I know im picky, and incredible uneasy to satifisfy, but hell im trying
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    You should really try Nasomatto Silver Musk, you can read my thoughts on hit here.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Frederic Malle Bois d'Orage might fit what you're looking for; see if you can score a sample first, of course. But based on your criteria (and your curiosity about FM scents in general) it's definitely worth a try.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    (Just noticed you're posting from Denmark. Apparently Bois d'Orage is only called that in the US and Canada - everywhere else it's called French Lover, which to my mind is a slightly silly name for a very wonderful fragrance.)

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Dia, very unique woody scent, really unoffensive, and really weak, my favorite amouage, but it's way too weak for the price.
    Reflection, powdery smell, it's not very unique, but it's one of the more unique ones. As much as powdery scents get critized here, I doubt they offend anyone.

    I was going to recommend Gucci ph II but seems you've tried. To me, most fragrances that last long yet are not overpowering or offensive are powdery fragrances. I'm not an expert there, but burberry brit and burberry touch are nice ones. But powdery might be too young for you as well? Ahh if price is really not an object for you just go for amouage.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Quote Originally Posted by Ekove View Post
    Amouage: Dia, very unique woody scent, really unoffensive, and really weak, my favorite amouage, but it's way too weak for the price....
    You took the name out of my mouth. Amouage Dia Men would be the perfect close-quarters combat scent. However, Dia is not a weak scent. Compared with many non-Amouages it is quite substantial. Dia was made to project close to the skin, unlike its House-mates (Gold, Lyric et al): quality that does not shout. Its longevity is 10+ hours on my skin.
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Thanks alot for your recommendation all of you!

    First, i need to adress that "money is no object" don't get me wrong, i would prefer lower cost, but it was more that if i had too pay extra to get what i want i would be willing

    Second, it doesnt have to be Amouage or Frederik Malle - i have just heard good things about them, i am not at all sure that they would fit me.

    - Nasomatto Silver Musk, noted. I will be reading as many reviews about it as possible, and trying to see if i will sample it.

    - Burberry Brit, i have tried it - i only got baby powder and lotion, not for me i guess.
    - Burberry Touch, never tried it. Will read and sample also.
    In regards to touch, i have also tried Burberry Beat (young pepper, it was not bad, just not worth a bottle in my opinion) also tried Burberry London which was too powdery for me, i did not feel good wearing it)
    Do you still think Touch would be up my alley? - i have heard the Burberry's all have a bit in common - i might be wrong

    I highly appriciate the thoughts about Amouage, but i cant help but notice that they does not seem to be worth the high price tag.
    Im not looking for niche just to say i wear niche, in that case i would just as well wear a designer, if you understand.


    Been wearing Chanel Allure Edition Blanche the last couple of days, and i actually like it. I find it to be a mature white version of Allure sport (i dont like either Allure or Allure Sport, but this i seem to actually enjoy) Will test it a few more days to be sure...Im just in doubt if its an "everyday" scent and if its pleasant enough to be an everyday scent.

    I am still searching for 1 or 2 more, so don't be shy if you got some others that might work for me, thanks.
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    I would recommend you Eau Divine by Divine (a super nice green perfume) and Cashmere for Men by Cristiano Fissore ( a light woody perfume ,predominant notes of cedar ,vetiver and musk in my opinion).Both perfumes are light even over applied ,have good quality but longevity might be an issue.(better for Eau Divine).I think these perfumes meet your wishes in some way.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Ok if your looking for Niche that is very nice everyday I say go for an amber scent and more precisely Blue Amber by Montale.

    Its completely different to what most people are used to and its very very nice to wear.
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Highly appriciate every suggestion !

    I am browsing alot of pages in attempt to get an idea about every single.

    Keep them coming, but i would like to make a further request, since i enjoy some of the Creed offerings (not Erolfa, SMW or Himilaya) are their others from Creed that might work for me? - MI is on my wishlist, GIT was too much of Cool Water for me, and Aventus is at testing basic.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    The only easy day was yesterday

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Some great suggestions so far. I'll try to add some more.

    It seems that you lean toward unique woody scents that are unmistakably "masculine", yet modern, but not "out there", as in too different or experimental. One that you like but a bit too femme is the Gucci PH II, which I agree is a good one. Somewhat linear on some very good notes. Some even better but less well-known scents in that area....

    In the houses you mention, in addition to Bois D'Orage/French Lover and Dia, be sure to sample:

    Angeliques sous la Pluie (Frederick Malle, Jean-Claude Ellena perfumer) - a nice wood scent that lacks the mineral dust of Terre d'Hermès, but has Ellena's masterful treatment of wood. A bit light and only moderate longevity, but perfect for close contact situations, because it is subtle yet very pleasant to both men and women, yet I find it masculine.

    Epic Man (Amouage, Randa Hammami) - a manly yet suave woody incense scent that is worth the price of Amouage if you like it. You will have to wear it lightly, but in that case it will last you for a long time.

    There are also some other options I think you might like:

    Santos de Cartier EDT Concentrée (Cartier) - a very suave and sophisticated woody scent with touches of coffee-type gourmand, incense notes, and aromatic notes. The only failing is that it gets dry toward the end. The regular EDT gets dry even earlier, and I think would be too dusty for you. Excellent longevity.

    2 MAN (Comme des Garçones)- a smoky woody scent that is subtle yet attention-grabbing. Very modern. More masculine than Gucci PH II. You can actually get by with just the shampoo or the aftershave gel on days when you want to wear it lightly, and save the EDT for days when you want a touch more projection.

    Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande (Hermès) OR BANG (Marc Jacobs) - These are very similar. They are strong woody scents. The Hermès is less subtle and more expensive - a woody pepper scent. BANG is the same thing except more subtle and penetrating and vastly cheaper - it is just becoming available. The risk is that if BANG becomes popular, you won't stand out. Right now it's still fairly novel.

    Timbuktu (L'Artisan Parfumeur)- a soft, penetrating woody scent that smells excellent to both sexes. This is a quiet attention-grabber and compliment getter that smells modern. It MAY be too penetrating for lectures - it radiates to the seats right next to you, but most people find it very pleasant, and if they are looking at you, it's because they want to ask you what you're wearing, but may be working up the courage to do so.

    Hermèssence Vetiver Tonka (Hermès) - this has a powdery tonka aspect similar to what you may be liking in Chanel Allure Homme Édition Blanche, but paired with a striking vetiver accord that makes this scent stand out. People generally love this scent, and few people wear it. My only qualm is that it is hard to wear every day unless you keep it subtle.

    Guerlain Homme EDP Intense (Guerlain) - this version is an interesting green woody scent with both "guerlinade" and gourmand aspects, as well as interesting complexity, close-wearing character, and everyday wearability. There is quite a bit if difference from the regular EDT - enough that it's worth seeking out. If you like L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme (either the EDT or EDP), then you may like this one.

    Un Parfum des Sens et Bois (The Different Company) - the touch of violet may make this a bit femme, but many guys love it. Has a very sophisticated woody accord with some incense. Definitely one to consider. This was one of my first loves from TDC.

    Scents to watch include the upcoming Creed, Spice and Wood, but no telling what that will really be like until I smell it.

    Good luck - I do hope you find your new signature scent!
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Quote Originally Posted by Aerandir4 View Post
    Ok if your looking for Niche that is very nice everyday I say go for an amber scent and more precisely Blue Amber by Montale.

    Its completely different to what most people are used to and its very very nice to wear.
    Agree. It's a good choice.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Amouage Dia
    Creed Tabarome Millesime
    Frapin Passion Boisse

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    As for burberry touch, if you think Brit is too powdery, that one is even more powdery. It's a little interesting since it develops through a few powdery smells, but if you're not into that type of fragrances just skip it all together. It only came to my mind because 1. it lasts long 2. doesn't project much 3. it's not offensive.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    I'm sure a ton would fit your needs.

    I'll also advocate Amouage Dia Man. It's a sneaky scent. Myself and others here have noted that it seems to disappear, but then comes roaring back or others comment on it long after the wearer thinks it's gone. Dia Man is quite elegant and very wearable on a regular basis. I believe the intent of this frag was to be the toned down "day time" version of their super elegant Amouage Gold.

    With the Malle line, Vetiver Extraordinaire would be my pick for an everyday scent. But you must like vetiver for sure. Strongest, longest lasting vetiver I've run across.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    YSL Pour Homme EDT - Very light and sophisticated lemon herb. Affordable as well.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford

    Everyone loves vanilla. There's a whisper-thin hint of smoke in there that is perfect for that "pipe smoking professor" vibe. This scent is straightforward and uncomplicated.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Amouage Dia Men's is good stuff. It isn't heavy, neither too sweet/cloying or crazily smoky/incense-y. Just a very well done scent that smells like it's been made of fine quality materials. Worth to sample. +1 also for French Lover/Bois D'Orage if you want to explore some Malles.

    What I think you should really sample as well are

    Dorissima NarziB,
    Lubin Idole,
    L'Artisan Fou d'Absinte
    L'Artisan L'Eau du Navigateur
    ELDO Eloge du Traitre
    The Different Company Un Parfum des Sens et Bois

    These are all very pleasant, and less "experimental" or out of the box to my nose. And they are not the heavyweight type of scents in terms of projection.

    If vanillic smokiness smells more masculine to you, you might want to try L'Artisan Tea For Two, considering that you fancy Gucci PH II.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    You didn't like Bulgari PH? That was the first that came to my mind.

    I'm now thinking... Cartier Declaration. Interesting and the citrus goes a long way.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Wow, thanks a bunch all of you. Almost too many suggestions I hope i get to try all of them in time.

    I thought i would like Bulgari PH, but i couldnt get over the grapefruit, too me it was a sweaty kinda steamy and picking grapefruit, and combined with (to me) creamy tea it really didnt do the trick. And Cartier Declaration, too me it was a rotten picnic basket with cigarettes (no offence of course, i just explain how it was to me) - still thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Looks like you're looking for 'safe' but high quality scents.
    Try something from Xerjoff. I recommend Nio or Modoc. I find these fit your requirements rather well.
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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    As soon as I read your post the first thing that came to mind was Creed Original Vetiver

    It is fresh, green, soapy, clean wears well in crowds, has uplifting effect, smells rich and easy to wear, don't know if you have tried it and if you have what do you think of it?

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    4 Hours ago i just ordered Creed Original vetiver, Orginal Santal, acier aluminum, Green valley & Neroli Sauvage samples, so ill find out if OV is for me

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Quote Originally Posted by Abliss View Post
    4 Hours ago i just ordered Creed Original vetiver, Orginal Santal, acier aluminum, Green valley & Neroli Sauvage samples, so ill find out if OV is for me
    Great choice

    Original vetiver : everyday (also my favourite creed)

    Original Santal: evening

    acer aluminium: aquatic

    never really cared much about the beloved Green Irisih Tweed

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Tom Ford Extreme. It's not as intense or loud as the name suggests. Has a manly aura without being macho, kind of a smooth leather feel to it. Mature without being old or old fashioned. Has a elegant side to it but also can be enjoyed as casual. It's not niche price but it's a bit more than normal designer offerings.

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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    Acqua de Gio is your choice....


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    Default Re: Rare everyday scents

    IMO you do not need to buy a niche fragrance, to get a 'rare everyday scent'.

    Try Rive Gauche Pour Homme by YSL.
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