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Thread: Mary Quant

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    Default Mary Quant

    Can anybody tell me anything about this one?!

    I found it at a flea market today, but can't seem
    to find anything about it online.

    Its size is 115ml.

    There is only one Mary Quant frag in our directory;
    'Quant by Quant', is this it?!
    Mine only say 'Mary Quant' on the bottle.

    Please help me in any way you can; is it vintage?
    Is it worth anything? Is it rare?! Maybe it's fake?!

    Quant by Quant in the Directory.

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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    Duc several searches, including Perfume Intelligence, turned up nothing about your particular bottle as you already know.

    "Cosmetics by Mary Quant
    Quant brought out a range of great and affordable cosmetics in up to the minute formulations with innovative cheek contour shaders and highlighters.

    She encouraged users to use make up brushes to apply eyeliner and blusher to achieve the hollow cheek, wide eyed look of the model Twiggy. It really was the best make up to use then if you wanted to get the look just so, as it contained information leaflets with diagrams of positions for the blush shading and highlighting which was all very new at the time to ordinary mortals.

    Many of the items she designed bore the Quant daisy logo. Vidal Sassoon gave Quant a new equally fashionable haircut that defined one particular 60's look and spawned many variations."--
    found by using Metacrawler Search Engine

    Quant by Quant by Mary Quant
    Fine 1966 autobiography from the woman who started it all, published the same weekend as Time magazine's cover article London - The Swinging City, after which, as Mary told me, "American news magazines and TV were often filming both sides of the King's Road at the same time". An engagingly-told tale of how she started out working from her Chelsea bedsit back in 1955 and wound up heading a multi-million pound business. Long recognised as a key 60s artefact, rare in any format, it's high time someone reprinted it.
    --Metacrawler Search result
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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    It is rare enough for most of us to know nothing about it. It is vintage, I think -- over 25 years of age -- and top notes might be shot.
    Sniff it yourself and try to tell the whole world about it. Or send a small amount to the person whose opinion you value and they will try to sniff it for you and us all. Somebody has to be first when it comes to uncharted territories, always!
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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    Congrats on your latest scores! I found the following info for you on a site called Cleopatra's Boudoir

    Posted on May 13, 2010 at 3:20 AM

    In 1967, clothing designer Mary Quant presented her line of perfumes for women. Before she approved the two scents, she traveled back and forth between Grasse, France and London for a couple of years. "I wanted a truly modern scent. Most of the perfumes are so old fashioned, I wanted something frankly sexy " she said. And she finally found it for evening. The daytime perfume is fresh, completely anti-sex. She explains that "to wear a sexy perfume in the daytime is like getting up in the morning and puting on a chiffon dress."

    She started working on a men's fragrance since they were put on the back burner by the barrage of after shave lotions. Ma stated that she was "out to give the real male smell back to men."

    The perfumes of Mary Quant:
    •1964 Spring Blossom
    •1967 AM perfume
    •1967 PM perfume
    •1974 Havoc
    •1980 Quant by Quant
    •1981 Mary Quant

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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    Cool, thank you guys. Then it is rare indeed, I thought so.

    I believe it's from 1981, when, acording to mrs. knit-at-night,
    it was first launched. The top notes are gone, I think, it
    smells like raisins, and almost nothing else. I'm not one who
    is good at detecting different notes, but it do remind me of

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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    The cap logo looks authentic to me. (Trust me, Doctor Mod is a child of the 60s!) From what I can recall, Mary Quant's cosmetic items were, um, on the high end of cheap, so I doubt that it would hold up well some thirty years on. (Just be thankful that it smelled no worse than raisins!) I'm actually amazed MQ was still producing items as late as 1981, as she was so quintessentially (Quantessentially?) 60s in her stylistic sensibility.

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    Default Re: Mary Quant

    Just to say that I have found this one too .... don't ask me to describe it as i have tucked safely away somewhere while we redecorate ...and I can't reach it! I'll fish it out when I can! However - I am not sure it is "Mary Quant' as I also have this in the small spray and I don't think it is the same ...will update when I can

    I also have a Quant by Quant which I find is remarkably like Quant AM. I have been looking for both AM & PM for ages...I used to get the Quant sample packs when I was at school in the late 60's ...each clear wallet contained a nude lippy, a mini mascara ...possibly an eye shadow and a mini perfume milk in a choice of either AM or PM (lasted for ages). I loved both but particularly PM ... still have the mini lippy somewhere (looked ghastly)! Couldn't afford the full size perfume! If I remember rightly the cosmetics were made by Miners who also made Outdoor Girl, Boots No 17 and Gala.... don't know about the perfume though. Mary Quant was never cheap and wasn't available in many places either back then - I could only buy it in Knight & Lee Southsea which is a John Lewis.

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