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    Default Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    I'm considering getting two of my nephews a bottle of something nice for Christmas. We're probably talking something in the designer realm, but would consider going "niche" if something wound up being perfect for either of them.

    So, nephew #1 is 16. Hyper, yet somewhat introverted. He's into classic rock, and plays guitar. He typically wears band shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Not a particularly fashionable guy, but I think he does wear Axe occasionally. I think he might like something British, as he's big on bands like Le Zeppelin, the Who, etc. Something Burberry would probably appeal to him (from a packaging standpoint), but I'm not really familiar with their line. He wouldn't be impressed by something with a tough to pronounce French name, I don't think.

    Nephew #2 is 21. He's "high functioning" autistic. Very smart, but quiet. He's social, and has a good group of friends that he hangs out with. He's a bit of a foodie, and works at a pizza place, goes to community college and church. I'm thinking he might like a gourmand, something like Rochas Man. But I'm not 100% set on that.

    I'd be interested to hear your suggestions!

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    The 16 year old nephew should get Burberry Brit or London IMO. Or something with lavender to calm him down from being hyper.

    Rochas Man would be good for nephew #2. And I do think John Varvatos would fit him, based on your description.
    Or maybe something peppery? Bang maybe?
    Body Kouros?

    I personally wouldn't buy them huge sillage monsters.
    And I don't want to offend you, but Christmas is quite far away, LOL.

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    Yes, London fits nephew #1 almost perfectly. Nothing to add.

    Speaking of nephew #2, I'll skip heavy gourmands - never mind he's foodie etc. I'll focus on community college and church and therefore suggest tough-to-pronounce Guerlain L'Instant for example

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    Nephew #1 Bang - Marc Jacobs Starts loud and then fades, well on me anyway.
    Nephew #2 Gucci Pour Homme II or Armani Diamonds for Men (really suit younger types IMO)

    And with nephew #2 think about his sensitivity to smell, it can be quite pronounced on the spectrum.

    Ho - Hum

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    Great recommendations thus far!

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    For nephew 1, Bulgari Black.
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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    give them tons of samples so they can see what they like.

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    Another vote for Marc Jabobs BANG for your younger nephew. The pepper top note is really interesting and the fact that it comes in one of the more unusual bottles on the market today is a bonus.

    It hasn't been getting a lot of love on Basenotes, but you might want to consider Chanel BLEU for your older nephew. It's not a gourmand by any stretch, but it's still one of the better (if not the best) examples of a "sport"-type fragrance currently available ... and no matter how one feels about sports fragrances in general, they're pretty popular with many young men in their early 20s. And the fact that BLEU is still recognizably a Chanel fragrance (to my nose anyway) places it several cuts above the lot of mass-market sports fragrances out there. Bvlgari Black and Gucci Pour Homme would be my other choices.

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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?


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    Default Re: Gifts for Nephews....Recommendations?

    I think Burberry Brit for Men would suit nephew #1 best. It's British, popular with younger girls and a step up from Axe
    For nephew #2 I'd go for Body Kouros, it's a bit incensy (church), gourmandish and light enough.
    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin or Diesel Fuel For Life could also fit the bill but are a bit heavier.
    Should he be really sensitive to fragrances, I'd give him Eau d'Orange Verte.
    Acqua di Giò is my guilty pleasure. What's yours?

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