Whilst on holiday in mid-Wales camping last week, the weather was bloody awful so the only thing to do was to go shopping.

This resulted in me and my girlfriend ending up in a high end gift shop which stocked a range of fragrances by Arran Aromatics.

One of these grabbed me immediately and I bought on the spot. Bay Citrus. For lovers of bay notes this is a must. It has a wonderful bay note, mixed with a peppery bright lemon and dries down with a fantastic combination of bay, patchouli, vetyver and peppermint.

It is a fantastic find, a really lovely, distinctive masculine smell which has a great dry down. Like most traditional bay rums however, the longevity is questionable, so a double application is required to get some real oomph out of it. But it's worth it when you do, my girlfriend reporting being able to still smell it long after I'd become anosmic to it.

It's not expensive and, if you like bay notes, is definitely worth a blind purchase. Google Arran Aromatics and you can buy direct from their site.