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    Default Ultra Sensitive skin..

    hi All.

    i have a problem..

    I love fragrances, but my skin is so sensitive that, sadly, with all but 1 exception, i can only ever spray it on my clothes.

    If i spray it on my arms, hands wrist, chest... you name it, i come out in a rash

    the ONLY one i have ever been able to spray on my skin was a Bond No 9, Hamptons - i tried it because the girl spraying it in Harrods was gorgeous but, to my surprise, the Bond frag didnt upset my skin..

    so, my question is, does anyone have any ideas (other than only ever wearing the hamptons.. (ewwww!) or just spraying it on my clothes.

    any suggestions would be awesome!!!

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    Default Re: Ultra Sensitive skin..

    Sorry, i posted this in the FEMALE, but i am a male.. Sorry everyone..

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