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    Default Ultra Sensitive skin..

    hi All.

    i have a problem..

    I love fragrances, but my skin is so sensitive that, sadly, with all but 1 exception, i can only ever spray it on my clothes.

    If i spray it on my arms, hands wrist, chest... you name it, i come out in a rash

    the ONLY one i have ever been able to spray on my skin was a Bond No 9, Hamptons - i tried it because the girl spraying it in Harrods was gorgeous but, to my surprise, the Bond frag didnt upset my skin..

    so, my question is, does anyone have any ideas (other than only ever wearing the hamptons.. (ewwww!) or just spraying it on my clothes.

    any suggestions would be awesome!!!
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    Default Re: Ultra Sensitive skin..

    i believe gendarme is hypoallergenic.....

    also does scented moisturizer or body wash cause similar reactions? If you could buy the body wash and moisturizer like for instance kiehls musk has or many other lines cary, you could layer them and get the same result as cologne...but likely you are allergic to whatever chemical causes the production of those seems that you need to look for colognes and frags whcih have all natural ingredients.

    For instance, does toms of maine deodorant cause skin problems?
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    Default Re: Ultra Sensitive skin..

    You could employ a gorgeous girl to spray all your fragrances on you, see if that helps.

    More seriously, in case the alcohol base is at the root of the problem, you could try water-based fragrances (like CBIHP), oil-based ones (Ava Luxe, BPAL, Ayala Moriel, and many others), or solids based on materials like beeswax (Lush's Karma, the In Fiore line, and others). This theory isn't consistent with your Hamptons story, I realize, but it's still a direction you could explore.

    Ultimately, wearing fragrance on your clothes instead of your skin is not so terrible, if that's what ends up working best for you.

    Gendarme (mentioned above) is another good suggestion, if you happen to like the line.
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