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    Question Favorite DIVINE?

    Just got my samples from DIVINE. (Priority mail, no less! Wonderful customer service at DIVINE) And am sorting through my initial impressions. So I'm curious. What is your favorite DIVINE frag and why?

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    OOOH A topic close to my heart!!!

    Favorite is Divine Divine BY FAR. It's a perfect French School aldehydic floral. Flawless, elegant, lasting, rich, and versatile. Almost a must-have for any good collection.

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    Oh...Thank you, Hillaire, for your enthusiasm! DIVINE is emerging as my favorite of the bunch I've sampled. Though there is something about L'inspiratrice that I find alluring, sensual, and warm. New at this, I am looking to build a solid, go-to FB collection that I will use and love. And I know that a Divine frag simply must be in the wardrobe. Now comes the difficult decision of which one will be first--as I have a feeling I will want to acquire more than one scent from this lovely line. The original Divine sounds like a good place to start.

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    Default Re: Favorite DIVINE?

    My favorite Divine

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    Divine de Divine, as well.

    Joe, you are a hoot! Baaaaaad!
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    I just love L'Infante.

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    Another vote for Divine. I do like all 5, but to me Divine is just a bit more impressive. Love the opening spicy peach and aldehydes.
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    L'Infante does it for me too.
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