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    Default Syrian Rose oil? (also! Musk Deer soap!)

    My brother-in-law was in Syria for a few months and brought back some lovely smellies! First, two little roll-on bottles of what the vendors in the souk called "Damascus Rose". I know that most Syrian-made oils are made with aromachemicals, but one of the little bottles smells AMAZING. How do I tell what i have? I wish I had a finer nose for these things.

    Also, he brought back some all-natural soaps scented with musk deer (and other things). The musk deer one is incredibly well..FECAL-musky. It's funny to use it in the shower, because you're cleaning your skin with something that smells a bit DIRTY. Do you think it's genuine musk deer? I have no idea! It smells excellently ODD though.

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    Default Re: Syrian Rose oil? (also! Musk Deer soap!)

    I hope not!!!!!! The Musk Deer is an endanger animal and it has to be killed for the musk.

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